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EstorilFoot2014 is a football seven tournament, for both gender youth, born in the years of
2001,2002,2003,2004 and 2015, taking place from 16th July until the 21st of 2014, in the
beginning of the school summer vacation, providing to every club who wishes it to close the sport's
season with this competition, as a prize for it's work and dedication to the previous season.

Our purpose is also to, help develop the sportive spirit, fair play amongst everyone (coaches,
players, referees, audience and the families), creating conditions for a better and bigger exchange
of cultures and experiences, promoting the relationship amongst the youngest, providing the
participants and their friends and family a bigger touristic knowledge of Cascais.

The tournament will take place in Cascais and will be played in the synthetic grass football fields of
Estoril Praia, Dramático de Cascais, Fontainhas, Malveira da Serra, Tires, Trajouce and Torre, and
even in the natural grass footbal field of Estoril Praia's Stadium.

More than 1900 participants and more than 400 leaders representing 120 teams with a total of 299
games(58 in each category) in the 6 days of competition managed by 48 referees.

Each team will play a minimum of 4 games and maximum of 7.

As a souvenir, each player will be entitled to a participation Diploma.

Housing and meals will be provided at low cost, having in account the time of the tournament, to
every team that wishes it.

Without the sponsoring of the County of Cascais and by the support of the parish council of
Cascais/Estoril, the portuguese football federation, the Lisbon football association and the teams
where the games are played this would't be possible.

We suggest a thorough Reading of the tournament rules and regulation.

Regional newspapers, daily sports newspapers and online sports newspapers will cover our