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Football seven tournament





(Players born in 2005/2006)

Benjamins “E1”

(Players born in 2004/2005)

Benjamins “E2”

(Players born in 2003/2004)



(Players born in 2002/2003)



(Players born in 2001/2002)

2. Regulation

Games in conformation with the F.P.F. Rules, with exceptions written in our regulation


1st Phase


Days 16, 17 and 18 of july 2014



2nd Phase


Days 19 and 20 of july 2014


3rd Phase


Day 21 of july 2014

4. Locations of the games



4.1Fields nr 2 and nr 3 of Estoril Praia

4.2Field of Associação da Torre in Cascais

4.3Field of Dramático de Cascais

4.4Field of Fontaínhas de Cascais

4.5Field of Tires

4.6Field of Trajouce

4.7Field of Malveira da Serra

4.8Estádio do Estoril Praia (natural grass


5.COMPETITIVE board 1st Phase

Groups of four or five teams, in each category, playing amongst themselves in each one of the groups, by points and one round

Clearing for the 2nd Phase, the 2 best qualified teams in each series to dispute the GOLDEN CUP and the 3rd and 4th places dispute the SILVER CUP.

2nd Phase

In each category, in GOLDEN CUP, play offs. In each category, in SILVER CUP, play offs.

3rd Phase

In each category, in GOLDEN CUP, final clearing the champion. In each category, in SILVER CUP, final clearing the honor winner.


In 1st Phase games

3 positive points for each victory.

2 positive points for each draw with goals

1 positive points for each draw with no goals

0 points for each defeat.

1 negative point for missing a game or final result of 0-5. 7. Undraw

7.1 In case of same nr of points in phase one:

Higher point numbers between teams with same points.

Higher goal difference between goals scored and goals suffered, in games between draw teams. Higher goal difference between goals scored and goals suffered in all games.

Higher nr of scored goals. Higher victory number.

Youngest teams, calculated according to the following:

Sum of the nr of month of each player in a team, until 16 June 2014 and divided by the number of players.

7.2 In case of same nr of points in phase two:

7.2.1Three penalties for each team.

7.2.2Alternating penalties between teams.

7.2.3If a team scores more goals than the other could score before all penalties are done, penalties will not be concluded.

7.2.4 If after the penalties there is a draw or no team has scored, penalties keep going alternating between teams until one scored and the other doesn't.

7.3 In case of same nr of points in phase tree:

7.3.1Extra-time 10 minutes divided in two parts with no break and with change os sides.

7.3.2In case there is still a draw penalties according to 7.2 of this regulation should be used.

8. Game and break time

Two parts 25 minutes each with 5 minute break.

9. Goal dimensions

6 meters large by two meters tall.

10.Balls Nº 4

11.Game sheets

Previously sent to the teams for fulfilling. With the need to being sent back to the organization until the 13th june.

Each game sheet of each team, will be with a member of the Organization in the field where teams will be playing.

12. Nr of players per team

12.1Maximum 12 per game.

12.2Maximum 16 per tournament. 13. Replacements

No limit per game and rotatives.

14. NumerIng

Same number used by each player in the whole tournament.

15. Equipments

Aluminum pitons are forbidden!.

If identical shirt colors, and the referee allows, the team that has the name first shall change.

16. Referees

One per game,nominated by the conselho de arbitragem da associacao de futebol de lisboa.


Undisciplined situations, will be analyzed by the Comité Técnico/Disciplinar.

The decisions of Comité Técnico/Disciplinar,that are final, will be to the team leader, in writting, before the beginning of the following game..


Player card, or ID card, or Citizen card, or Passport.

Before the beginning of the game, the leader will give the field responsible, the original identification documents of the participating players, and delivered after each game.

In case of doubt about a players age, the organization will make the verification, in the presence of the team leader.

In case of verified irregularities the team will be penalized in each game where the player played according to point 6.1.5 of the regulation.

19. Prizes


Every participant player receives a diploma.

Classification medals for 1st and 2nd places in each category.

Best scorer trophy, for each category. Goals in extra time or penalties are not taken in consideration.

In case of draw, the winner is the player whose team played less games.

If still a draw the younger player wins.

Best player trophy

Decided by the the Comité Desportivo the best player in each category

Collectives Fair Play trophy

Decided by the the Comité Desportivo about the social and disciplinary behavior of every player in each category

19.2.2classification trophy trophy in each category in both (Silver Cup and Golden Cup). place trophy to every team who lost in the finals of Golden Cup. 20. Ensurance

20.1 Players, leaders, coaches, masseurs, doctors and other staff, participating in the tournament, must have mandatory ensurance, in the minimum conditions demanded by law . 21. Players

21.1 Teams who wish to use other teams player, should present before his participation, the authorization, in paper marked by the club the player belongs to .

Not having such, will penalize the team in each game the player played according to point 6.1.5 of regulation.

22. Omitted cases

22.1 In every omitted case it depends on the Comité Técnico/Disciplinar, to decide according to F. P. F. Regulation, a final decision.