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1.1 Seven a Side

1.1.1 Pre-Schools - Players born in the years of 2000 and 2001
1.1.2 Schools        - Players born in the years of 1998 and 1999
1.1.3 Infants          - Players born in the years of 1996 and 1997


2.1 Games will be played under UEFA rules, with the exception of the stipulated in these Internal Rules and Regulation.


3.1 – 1st Stage – 22nd and 23rd June 2009
3.2 – 2nd Stage – 24th and 25th June 2009
3.3 – 3rd Stage – 26th June 2009
3.4 – Qualifying Stage - 26th and 27th June 2009
3.5 – Finals – 27th June 2009


4.1.1 Fields 2 and 3 of G.D. Estoril Praia at Estoril
4.1.2 Field of A.F.D. Torre at Cascais
4.1.3 Field of G.D.R. Fontaínhas at Cascais
4.1.4 Field of G. D. S. Cascais
4.1.5 Field of G. D. Malveira da Serra at Cascais
4.1.6 Estoril Praia Stadium


5.1 – First Stage

5.1.1      In each category, eight groups with four teams each, playing each others in each group, once, for points.
5.1.2      First and second places will play GROUP A in the 2nd Stage.
5.1.3      Third and fourth places will play GROUP B in the 2nd Stage.

5.2 – Second Stage

5.2.1       In each category, eight groups with four teams each, playing each others in each group, once, for points: – Group A1 - Winner Group A, Second Group B, Winner Group C, Second Group D – Group A2 - Winner Group B, Second Group A, Winner Group D, Second Group C – Group A3 - Winner Group E, Second Group F, Winner Group G, Second Group H – Group A4 - Winner Group F, Second Group E, Winner Group H, Second Group G – Group B1 - Third Group A, Fourth Group B, Third Group C, Fourth Group D – Group B2 - Third Group B, Fourth Group A, Third Group D, Fourth Group C – Group B3 - Third Group E, Fourth Group F, Third Group G, Fourth Group H – Group B4 - Third Group F, Fourth Group E, Third Group H, Fourth Group G

5.3 – Third Stage

5.3.1 In each category, a game between: – Fourth from group A1 vs. Fourth from group A3            -  Game  97 – Fourth from group A2 vs. Fourth from group A4            -  Game  98 – Third from group A1 vs. Third from group A3                -  Game  99 – Third from group A2 vs. Third from group A4                -  Game 100 – Second from group A1 vs. Second from group A3          -  Game 101 – Second from group A2 vs. Second from group A4          -  Game 102 – First from group A1 vs. First from group A3                   -  Game 103 – First from group A2 vs. First from group A4                   -  Game 104 – Fourth from group B1 vs. Fourth from group B3             -  Game 105 – Fourth from group B2 vs. Fourth from group B4             -  Game 106 – Third from group B1 vs. Third from group B3                 -  Game 107 – Third from group B2 vs. Third from group B4                 -  Game 108 – Second from group B1 vs. Second from group B3            -  Game 109 – Second from group B2 vs. Second from group B4            -  Game 110 – First from group B1 vs. First from group B3                     -  Game 111 – First from group B2 vs. First from group B4                     -  Game 112
5.4 - Qualifying Stage

5.4.1      – In each category, a game between: – Defeated game 105 vs. Defeated game 106 – (31º - 32º) – Game 113 – Winner game 105 vs. Winner game 106      – (29º - 30º) – Game 114 – Defeated game 107 vs. Defeated game 108 – (27º - 28º) – Game 115 – Winner game 107 vs. Winner game 108      – (25º - 26º) – Game 116 – Defeated game 109 vs. Defeated game 110 – (23º - 24º) – Game 117 – Winner game 109 vs. Winner game 110      – (21º - 22º) – Game 118 – Defeated game 111 vs. Defeated game 112 – (19º - 20º) – Game 119 – Winner game 111 vs. Winner game 112      – (17º - 18º) – Game 120 – Defeated game 97 vs. Defeated game 98     – (15º - 16º) – Game 121 – Winner game 97 vs. Winner game 98          – (13º - 14º) – Game 122 – Defeated game 99 vs. Defeated game 100   – (11º - 12º) – Game 123 – Winner game 99 vs. Winner game 100        –  (9º - 10º)  – Game 124 – Defeated game 101 vs. Defeated game 102 –   (7º - 8º)   – Game 125 – Winner game 101 vs. Winner game 102      –   (5º - 6º)   – Game 126 – Defeated game 103 vs. Defeated game 104 –   (3º - 4º)   – Game 127 – Winner game 103 vs. Winner game 104      –   (1º - 2º)   – Game 128 – Final


6.1 - First and Second Stages

6.1.1 - 3 positive points for each victory. 
6.1.2 - 2 positive points for each draw with goals
6.1.3 - 1 positive point for each draw without goals. 
6.1.4 - 0 points for each defeat. 
6.1.5 - 1 negative point for missing a game with a result of 0-5.


7.1 In case of equal points in the 1st and 2nd stages, the final table will be determined by the following order:

7.1.1 The highest number of points scored in the games between the tied teams.

7.1.2 The highest difference between the goals scored and conceded, in the games tied teams played, in each stage.

7.1.3 The biggest difference between the total of goals scored and conceded in each stage.

7.1.4 The team with the highest number of scored goals, in each stage.

7.1.5 Team with greater numbers of victories will have advantage.

7.1.6 Team with more points in the Disciplinary Cup.

7.2 In case of equality in games of the 3rd and Qualifying stages:

7.2.1 Groups of three kicks from the penalty mark, until a winner is found.

7.3 In case of equality in the Finals:

7.3.1 Ten minutes of extra time, divided in two equal parts, without interval and with change of field.

7.3.2 Groups of three kicks from the penalty mark, until a winner is found.


8.1 Pre-Schools – Two halves of twenty minutes each.
8.2 Schools        – Two halves of twenty two and a half minutes
8.3 Infants         – Two halves of twenty five minutes each.

8.4 Intervals

8.4.1 Intervals between the two halves of a game will have the duration of five minutes.


9.1 Six meters width and two height.

10.  BALLS

10.1 - N. 4


11.1 Identity Card, Passport or Player Card
11.2 The identification must be presented to the referee, 15 minutes before the start of the game.


12.1.1 In each game, a maximum of twelve.
12.1.2 Registration in the Tournament, a maximum of fourteen.
12.1.3 Changing players will be allowed until June 21st 2009



13.1    No limit in each game.


14.1 It is compulsory that players will use the same dorsal number, in all games of the tournament.


15.1 On the synthetic pitches (Astroturf), the use of footwear with aluminium studs is forbidden.

15.2 If the shirt colours of both teams is identical and if the referee so decides, the team considered to be playing at home (the one that appears in first place in the drawing of the calendar), will change shirts.


16.1 Referees will be named by the Referees Committee of the Lisbon Soccer Association.

16.2 One element.


17.1 Indiscipline situations verified during the Tournament will be analyzed by the Technical/Disciplinary Committee, and its decisions will be transmitted in writing to the team’s Director, before the beginning of the game following the incident.


18.1 Before the beginning of the Tournament, the Director of each team will present at the secretaryship the originals of identification documents of each one of the elements of the group, for confirmation of the team, coaches and directors, and also to control the player’s ages.

18.2 After the confirmation, game sheets will be delivered, for presentation to the referees, up to fifteen minutes before the beginning of the respective games.


19.1 Individual

19.1.1 Participation Diplomas for all.
19.1.2 Medals for 1st and 2nd places, in each category.

19.1.3 Top Scorer Trophy To be given to the player of each category who scored the highest number of goals. Goals scored in extra time or from kicks from the penalty mark after extra time, are not considered for the attribution of this prize. In case of a tie between two or more players, it will be given to the youngest player.

19.1.4 Best Goal Keeper Trophy To be given to the player of each category, that will be considered, by the Sports Committee, the best goal keeper of the tournament.

19.1.5 Best Player Trophy To be given to the player of each category, that will be considered, by the Sports Committee, the best player of the Tournament.

19.2 Teams

19.2.1 Disciplinary Cup To be given to the team that gets more points, in each category. The points will be given by the referee, after the end of each game, to each of the participating teams, taking into consideration the behaviour of all players and staff. The points given by the referee will vary between zero (minimum note) and twenty (maximum note). From the points given, the following values will be deducted:  for each yellow card, three points, for each sending off for accumulation of yellow cards, five points and for each direct red card, ten points.

19.2.2 Tournament Cups To all teams, in each category.


20.1 Players, coaches, club directors, and other participating club staff that take part in the tournament should be insured with the minimum insurance policies stated by law.


21.1 It is mandatory that Teams that want to use players officially registered by other Clubs, present the respective authorization from the Club in reference, in their official paper up until Sunday the 21st June 2009. Otherwise the usage of such player will be disallowed.


22.1 In all omitted cases, it will be the organization’s responsibility, by delegating to their respective committee, to find the right and adequate solution, which will be final and no correspondence will be entered therein.

23.1Technical & Disciplinary matters that arise will be dealt by a committee formed by three members each one appointed by the Cascais Council, the Lisbon Football Association and the Estoril Praia Club.

24.1 The Sports Committee is formed by 3 members appointed by the Estoril Praia Clube and will be responsible for the election of the best Goal Keepers and Best Player of each category in the tournament.